From the NBK show, Berlin 2006

Bill Viola in Ira Schneider's Video-ECHO, Syracuse 1975

    "ECHO (extended)"
a Video Installation by Ira Schneider
  Schneider has been experimenting with video time delay since 1969. Over the years he has extended this into the development of a visual echo in which the audience participants see multiple images of themselves trailing behind themselves. Each image is displaced in time by a predetermined interval (usually ca. 2 seconds).

Now, for the first time, Schneider proposes to present the ECHO installation with the added element of a mix of abstract background images. The participants see these behind their multiple images on the monitor. This will certainly serve to create further variations in participant media-interactive performance.

In an a closed off area (9ft x 15ft) near a large wall, camera #1 is mounted above monitor #1 on a stand 4ft high. This is pointed at members of the public who have entered the space through an entrance ca. 5ft from the back wall painted in chroma-key blue. The subject sees multiple time delayed images of his or herself on the monitor #1 below the camera. The subject also sees abstract images keyed behind him or herself.

The subjects normally begin to interact, sometimes dancing, with their multiple images. (see uploaded Sample-video).
On a large screen outside the ECHO- chamber the general public can view what the participants do in the ECHO-chamber.
After a while the participants leave through an exit opening on the opposite side of the entrance opening and new participants enter the space.

© Ira Schneider 2011