EXHIBITIONS in Berlin + other Locations

10 films/videos from 1968 - 2018 were screened at Mitte Media Festival on May 9, 2019

video screened at the Paris Shortfilm Festival, May 8, 2019

42 H2O videos were screened at the Emily Harvey Gallery, NYC on April 28, 2019

15 films/videos from 1968 - 2018 were screened at Spor Kluebue on August 28, 2018

Just received and translated an article about the exhibition at ZKM Karlsruhe.

The exhibition presents videos and installations from the pioneering group of American artists and thinkers of the 1970s who took advantage of the emergence of low cost video equipment. Raindance Foundation - a group of video makers sought to challenge the monopoly of commercial TV by cultivating the artistic use of video and pioneering the ecological uses of the medium. They were the first group cautioning against use of fossil fuels and warning of humanities detrimental effects on climate.

Rarely seen video works by Frank Gillette (*1941), Beryl Korot (*1945), Ira Schneider (*1939), Michael Shamberg (*1945) and Davidson Gigliotti (*1939, honorary), and Paul Ryan (1943-2013, honorary) will be shown. The exhibition also presents archival materials and the Radical Software journal published by Raindance from 1970-1974.

Please find further information here: zkm.de/radical-software ZKM | Karlsruhe - Lorenzstrasse 19 - 76135 Karlsruhe - www.zkm.de

Projektraum Prima Center Berlin, February 24 - March 17, 2018

Video installation "The Four Seasons in Venice"
Mr. Ira Schneider and Friends: Jovan Balov & Andreas Wolf

Amazing, Extraordinary non-objective, abstract, and figurative Imagery
Projektraum unter Urban Urbanstrasse 176, 10961 Berlin
Sa.  Feb.10,  4 - 8pm
Closing party: Fr.  Feb.16,   from 7pm

Excerpts from Ira Schneider's exhibition at meinblau Projektraum , Berlin


2015 Award Winner:
– Best Short Film: Endangered Species (Ira Schneider)

This year the Berlin Short Film Festival has shown over sixty of the best European and international short films,
by some of the most talented up-and-coming and independent directors.
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I. Schneider, R. Gottwald, S. Kober, A. Wolf


2000+14 Photographs, 14 hung, 2000 projected

"2000+14 Photographs" at Walden Art-Projects, February & March


Excerpt from "2000+13 Photographs" at the Prima Center, Berlin.

"The Whole Earth" exhibition, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
April 26 - July 1, 2013
Included in the video is
Buckminster Fuller, Gregory Bateson,
The First Earth Day in Manhattan, April 1970
and "The Earth is Spinning and we are on it",
compiled by Raindance Foundation and Ira Schneider.

For a Tagesspiegel - article in German about the exhibition, click here.


           The ICA London "Remote Control" Exhibition

                      Interview with Ira Schneider at the ICA here



11.11.2011, Prima Center, Berlin
Thanks to bnbberlin for the video.

(Sorry, Enzo we speeded up your music.)

Raindance 40th Reunion Symposium, Loyola University, Chicago:

"Schuster/Schneider 2 and friends":

Michael Schuster

Sonja Gangl & Michael Schuster

Sigrid Becker

Ann Noël

Ira Schneider: "Bill Viola"

Ira Schneider


Museum of Modern Art, Vienna (MUMOK):
"Changing Cannels" Videoexhibition, March 2010:

This exhibition used earphones extensivly and so we could not present the sound for many of the video works.
(note: Beryl Korot was the editor in chief of Radical Software from 1970-1974.)

Radical Software Magazine

The Radical Software Web Site is a joint project of the Daniel Langlois Fondation of Montreal,
Davidson Gigliotti and Ira Schneider.



The official Ira Schneider Song


Exhibiton at Fonticus Galerija, Groznjan, Istria/Croatia; July 19, 2009 - August 7, 2009:

WATER AND OTHER MAGIC IMAGES Exhibiton at Fonticus Galerija, Groznjan, Istria/Croatia; July 19, 2009 - August 7, 2009


Ira Schneider was one of the winners of the Celeste Prize & his Project "Water Water Everywhere" consisting of abstract water video images accompanied by classical or New Music was presented in Venice at the opening of the Biennale (June 4-7) adjacent to the Arsenale.
This project has been supported by the Emily Harvey Foundation:


Les Rencontres International Paris/Berlin/Madrid
– International Film Festival –
has selected
"More or Less Related Incidents in Recent History" 1968/2008 by Mr Ira Schneider
to be featured on November 29, 2008
(the first day of film/video presentations)
at the Centre Pompidou, Paris at 3p.m. (15h) and in Madrid April 2009.

from "More or Less Related Incidents in Recent History"

EXHIBITION Berlin + other Locations


Exhibition, Gallerie Kunstpunkt, Berlin, August 29 - September 27, 2008        
© Ira Schneider 2008; For more information visit www.kunstpunkt.com

Ira Schneider's Photographic Works at Walden Kunstausstellungen (Gallery):

Galerie Lecoq


A quick documentary of the Reina Sofia Madrid Exhibition


A documentary of the Hannah Höch Prize Show at the
Neuer Berliner Kunstverein
Nov. 3 - Dec. 13, 2006:

The "Hannah Hoech Prize 2006 for Video Art" was awarded to Ira Schneider
by the Berlin Cultural Senat.

2001 and older           

Soul Kitchen

Two exhibitions September - October 7, 2001:
Exhibition im Soul Kitchen Berlin Exhibition im Soul Kitchen Berlin
ROCK N' ROLL Show opening.


Exhibition im Soul Kitchen Berlin Exhibition im Soul Kitchen Berlin Exhibition im Soul Kitchen Berlin
Photographic Art

"The Ira Schneider Biennale" im Studio63
Eine Auswahl von 50 Jahren Fotografien, Filme, Videos & Digital-Druck