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of Prof. Ira Schneider [mehr/more]

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of Prof. Ira Schneider [mehr/more]

Ira Schneider: "I Just Do It"

Jan. 2018
An interview by Joost de Jonge and Inge van de Ven


Nov. 2017 "All Power does not proceed from the end of a gun." (translated from German)
- an article about the Raindance / Radical Software exhibition at ZKM Karlsruhe.

Berliner Tagesspiegel

April 24, 2013 "Von der Gegenkultur zur Gegenwart" (German)
- some words about I. Schneider

Berliner Zeitung

June 2, 2009 "Kurzer Wechsel überm Bürgersteig" (German) - about I. Schneider


April 2009 "Three American Movies" - Schneider's video of J.L. Godard


von Claudia Stein online vom 29.08.08 [mehr/more]


20.September 2008, page 28

Berliner Zeitung

28.August 2008, page 23


August 2008, page 105

Berliner Morgenpost

28.August 2008, page 105

Art and the Moving Image

Tate 2008, pages 33, 200, 222, 223, 224, 259, 296, 481, 486-487

Art and Social Change

Tate 2007, page 470

Ira Schneider at the zkm medialounge [mehr/more]
thanks to the zkm medialounge

UFO in Aspik

von CHRISTIAN FUNKE aus dem Magazin vom 1.August 2001 [mehr/more]

Before 'Reality TV' There Was Reality Video

By MICHAEL RUSH, New York Times, from January 21, 2001 [mehr/more]

Wenn ich sterbe, möchte ich einen Satellitenanschluß

Ein Artikel von Guido Schirmeyer in "Die Welt" vom 30. Juli 2001 [mehr/more]

Barbara Borcic: From Video Pioneers to the Art of Projection - Some Examples

From magazine Likovne besede no. 81, 82 (3 from 8 pages in Slovenian) [mehr/more]

From ART IN AMERICA, "When Video Was Young"

by Joseph Jacobs, May 2007, article (page 120):

"Ira Schneider's 1974/2006 Manhattan is an Island was one example" (of the surpises). "On 23 monitors mounted on unusually tall pedestals of varying heights, suggesting skyscrapers and evoking Manhattan, Schneider presented black-and-white video footage of people moving about he city, capturing the ceaseless intensity of life on the sidewalks and streets." [videoclip]

Mysteries in Reality

by IRA SCHNEIDER, Catalouge, 148 pages, Edition Braus,
to order contact Neuer Berliner Kunstverein NBK

KunstFilmBiennale Köln

Catalouge 2005, p. 75
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