"Time Zones"
a worldwide video installation 1977 / 1980

        A short documentation                                  24 time zones

  In 1977 Ira Schneider, with support from a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship for his Time Zones project, traveled around the world and videotaped at the proper time of day and night in the different time-zones. At that time simultaneous satellite imagery from the 24 time-zones was not possible.

Now, with the help of the internet Schneider would like to reconstruct the historical Time Zones and present live camera images from a number of time-zones projected on large screens above the original circle of video images and sounds.
If you have contacts in other time-zones who have cameras (not cellphone) and internet connections please register with us at: ijs99@yahoo.com and join the project.

Indonesia, 1977, 1h pm
© Ira Schneider 2018