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Just received and translated an article about the exhibition at ZKM Karlsruhe.

The exhibition presents videos and installations from the pioneering group of American artists and thinkers of the 1970s who took advantage of the emergence of low cost video equipment. Raindance Foundation - a group of video makers sought to challenge the monopoly of commercial TV by cultivating the artistic use of video and pioneering the ecological uses of the medium. They were the first group cautioning against use of fossil fuels and warning of humanities detrimental effects on climate.

Rarely seen video works by Frank Gillette (*1941), Beryl Korot (*1945), Ira Schneider (*1939), Michael Shamberg (*1945) and Davidson Gigliotti (*1939, honorary), and Paul Ryan (1943-2013, honorary) will be shown. The exhibition also presents archival materials and the Radical Software journal published by Raindance from 1970-1974.

Please find further information here: zkm.de/radical-software ZKM | Karlsruhe - Lorenzstrasse 19 - 76135 Karlsruhe - www.zkm.de