Hilariously Funny!
This book contains anecdotes, photos, very short videos and the antics of a band of pranksters at an Ive League University in the late ’50s. 154 pages – including links to 4 videos.
It may be ordered from any bookstore using this ISBN number:
There will be a book launch Sunday April 24, 2016, 2-6 pm at the Emily Harvey Gallery, 537 Broadway, Manhattan, 10012, near Spring St. The book for sale $20
A preview of "Enjoying Depression" is presented
in Gallery Room 5.
Available in Germany via this link
Available Soon at Amazon.
from "Bits Chunks and Pieces"

Electronic Arts Intermix 45th. Anniversary
Videotapes edited at the EAI studio, 84 Fifth Ave.
in the early 1970s.
Videos by I. Schneider, Tony Ramos, Shigeko Kubota and Jean Dupuy and perhaps others will be shown.
April 27, 2016 starting at noon and running until about 8pm.
Electronic Arts Intermix, 535 W 22nd St #5, New York, NY 10011

MENAGERIE | Animals in the Art Zoo
Opening April 29, exhibition runs until May 21, 2016
TOOLBOX Finnish-German Art Space
Koloniestr. 120, 13359 Berlin

Special offer: videos for sale to be downloaded on demand from Vimeo upon payment:

Fluxus Mass, 2002/2007, 19 min, color
Several of the original Fluxus artists / performers (Emmett Williams, Ben Patterson, Takako Saito, Jeff Hendrix – director) appear in the Fluxus Mass in Wiesbaden, 2002, Germany. Fluxus hilariously recomposes the catholic mass.
The Neil Williams Memorial, 2000/2009, 28 min.; color
The well liked influential painter died 1992 on a return visit to NYC. The New York art scene showed up for his memorial. His ashes were picked up at the crematorium. They were in a paint can. Frank Stella, Julian Schnabel, Larry Bell, Viva, Ultraviolet, Taylor Mead & other notables attended.
A guest did something outrageous.
The New York City Parking Game, 1987, 10 min, color
Garbage pickup requires cars to be moved each night to the alternate side of the street. This tape describes the intricate rules & penalties during a frantic comic search for a valid parking space for the following day.
A Day at Copacabana Beach, 1988, 12 min. color
Rio folk culture at the Copacabana beach – one of the most famous & beautiful beaches in the world reveals Brazil's passion for soccer (football) & womens’ behinds.

Dumpster Art

Ira Schneider was born in New York and now lives in Berlin Germany.
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